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Bunny B, the bunny bud.

All the lovely visits we remember


The residency program is quasi-independantly and very privately run.

Check the time-line for past and/or future residents. If you can't find what you are looking for, perhaps you may be able to help us fill in the gaps. Due to the nature of memory, and to a number of unforseen circumstances, many of our archives have been lost.

The residency program continues, in whatever form possible. It is currently offered virtually, when the mood strikes.

We believe that art and life are cut from the same shivering cloth.

Although attempts at an artist residency program were made in the first half of the twentieth century, the fog of institutional memory only begins to clear around the mid 1970's. In 1976 board members Frank Mayfield and Stacey Ruggenbaum created an informal opportunity for artists to spend a season with them on their boat.

Since about 2003, Lafin's residency has been tucked under board member Mélisandre Schofield's arm. Imaginary when it must be, and real when it can be, the residency benefits from its ability to travel and adapt to the lives it touches. It offers everything it has, even when it has nothing. At times it has been a bed in a room, a couch on a roof, the bed of a truck, a slanted apartment, a sliver of boat. But most often it has been an abstract idea, fiercly independent from the financial realities that would crush it, reshaping itself to the needs of its guests and hosts.

If you're also in-between things, consider starting a residency program in your spare bedroom. Every space in our lives that is reserved for others has the possibility to expand, and transform everything.

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Over the years, a few Lafin board members have sought to expand their private spaces, adapting them for visiting artists, hosting both short and long term residencies. Unfortunatly, none of our residencies are available at this time. Find out more about how to get involved, when and if a space opens up.