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Everything is Happening in Secret


The gallery is not sharing what it's up to at this moment. This is possibly because it's up to no good.

Check the time-line for past and/or future exhibitions.

we've gone virtual

When we decided to go virtual, the decision came with some grave consequences that we were not quick to foresee. Not least of these consequences was our altered visibility, which was tightly linked to our strange new power to toggle seamlessly between visibility and invisibility.

As of the third of this month, or last, we decided that our upcoming exhibitions would remain a secret. This comes in the midst of ongoing discussions in our community around the relationship between the studio and the gallery, and a desire to provoke a reversal between the two, a desire to turn the frame inside out, to honour process above completion, the sometimes invisible above the polished and completed.

there is more...

...but we've hidden it elsewhere, for now.

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Our gallery, not as much of a space as a shifting notion of space. Our exhibitions are rare, and hard-to-find. Our artists embrace this inversion of location and object.

Find out more. Our archives are shut clamshells under tide-flooded sands, locked safes under wild-fire debris, rusted manholes in lost alleyways. We collaborate with fishermen, locksmiths, and city workers. Art is everywhere.