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A bunny buddy. A good friend.

Everything is Happening in Secret


The presses are running? Or are they hiding? They are not sharing, not at the moment. This is possibly because they are up to no good.

Check the time-line for past and/or future publications.

information about how we fill our time

No more information is available at this time. We're probably reading through the mountainous fictional slush pile.

recovered notes:

No notes recovered at this time


no other, or more, or different bits of information are available for us to share. The secret recesses of our printing press are just that, unfathomable.

our editors editors

Our illustrious editors are not sharing any information about themselves at the present time.

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We publish distortions–fictions self-aware enough to do their own laundry. Somewhat lifelike, sometimes frail, experiments in being. We publish work that doesn't work for a living. We publish those like us, who only exist at certain times, in discrete situations, under a certain quality of light.

Would your work fit? How real do you expect to be? Find out more.