a bunny bird
Lookum. Lokum. yum yum yum.

Who we've been

Correspondances, memos, mementos, grievances, dalliances, home-remedies...

On the shady patches of sidewalk across from the residency, on the long subway ride towards the Education Wing, through the orange-lit crack in the door behind which Stacey keeps the printing press, in the empty café chair still warm from our gallerist, we write the back pages of Lafin's history.

At Lafin, we feel it is important to pierce small holes in the veil between the professional and the personal, allowing light to spill through. In the warm glow of pin-prick lights, we trace the lines of our journeys.

the inbetween

In seeking out institutional archives, we are often given a mish mash of incidental memories. Private musings are the colour and vitality of institutional shifts.

We've decided to archive, however possible, the ephemera... the extra-curricular musings of an institution.

As with the archives of our programs and projects, these are—by necessity—reconstructed from imagination as well as memory.

join us

Over the decades, many artists, intellectuals, pseudoscientists, and narrautonomists have collaborated with Lafin to further the mission.

In writing our history, we observe the ways in which moments stick to their neighbours, with a kind of glue that gets stuck to our archivists' fingers as they pull the moments apart. We also observe the unique way in which every time-line stands apart from the natural flow of time, chopping the shapeless into pieces, convinced of the notion that moments can properly be represented by nodes on a two-dimentional surface squished into quasi-unidimentionality.

Time travel is one way to describe the activity of archiving. It is something we approach with some degree of trepidation—but since it's often the only way to catalogue wayward archives, we often oblige.

At Lafin we consider the meeting of ends, the strands of time. On the page, we try to smooth over the gaps and the inconsistencies. In the world, we try to crate the moments that will mark the obvious breaks, that might be welded together in their telling. Join us. Find out more.