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Everything is Happening in Secret


Secret research is not always bad...


We have no official statement regarding Secret Research. If such a thing existed, we couldn't possibly be expected to comment.

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people going about and blabbing about our private business.

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The ethics codes here are a little topsy-turvy. Our foremost privacy concerns are for the participants, if they exist. And also if they don't quite exist--the line is not always clear.

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With Lafin's board members primarily comming from backgrounds in fine arts, research at Lafin is a framework that embraces both science and pseudio-science, introspection and extrospection, invention and documentation.

Although our methodologies differ wildly from project to project, and sometimes even within the same project, from one researcher to another We generally try to recognize the moments where fact and fiction can be allies. We create an environment in which the stregths of each can come to serve the broader goal of uncovering what could be.

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