a bunny bird
Buns and rolls for tree dwelling sorts.

Who we are

Lafin's Board of Directors

Our annual board meetings are only tangentially administrative, as our primary interests lay elsewhere, in the synthesis of narrautonomous practices with experiments, images, texts, and etc.

Our collective has been shaped by generations of renegade intellectuals plotting Oulipo-style realities, 'pataphysical expeditions, un-happenings, surveys suspended in time and space. Lafin continues the tradition of being navigated by a board that does whatever the hell it feels like doing.

Our present board of directors is the heart of Lafin. Meeting in person only once a year, due to the great distances that separate them, they work together closely, sharing writing and research by mail.

to keep things moving along

Due to the great distances that separate most Lafin members, text is Lafin's primary geographical location. Lafin's text is not limited to print, or to the web, or to text for that matter.

Once a year, Lafin's boad of directors submit their schedules to the scrutiny of a rotating peer member, who makes the decision of when, where, and for how long.

1982's annual meeting infamously took place over a period of three months in a winterized guest house by a Norwegian pond. In 2001, all met at Charles de Gaule, during someone's 3 hour layover.

The details of this year's meeting are still undisclosed.

Five "w"s.
No "h."

  • Different interests stand side by side for a group photo.
  • The cameraman inspects the seams and grounds for dangling threads, or common threads, or threads to unravel.
  • A few of the subjects undress for the camera, while the others fidget, or tell stories, to alleviate the awkwardness.
  • The resulting photographs are transfered onto tracing paper, and superimposed, photoshoped, and possibly brought into a robotics lab.
  • join us

    Become someone new. Forget about you, who you believe yourself to be. Reality is a construct. Think for a moment about who you could never be, but might like to try being, at times, when the feeling strikes. Join us. Find out more.